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In memory of Scott Myers

Created by Laura Gamble

Scotty was a talented freelance copywriter in the advertising industry, with wide ranging interests and talents.  He was an artist, a musician, a collector of guitars, avid sea fisherman, terrific surfer, and meat loving grill master.  Scott loved his family deeply, and he will always be with us in spirit.  

Scott was the youngest of five children, and was exposed early to typical teenage temptations.  He grew up in the small town of Laguna Beach where life was idyllic and protected.  He also experienced a very delayed puberty which may have been the beginning of his use of drugs to alleviate anxiety.  It was a challenge for him to manage, especially in light of the athletic focus of the family culture.  But, it is not at all clear why some use drugs to alleviate pain or anxiety without submitting to the demon of addiction.  The world needs better science to understand such an important question.   Because of Scott’s intelligence and pride, he was able to hide his addictions from his family and was a high functioning adult.  He went to rehab 15 years ago (shortly after college) for alcohol addiction, at his own instigation, and during those 15 years it seemed that he was thriving.  It was only 2 weeks before his death that we became aware that he was not himself, and was struggling.  The family circled around him in support.  We were too late.   He spiraled out of control, getting his drugs off the dark net…delivered by UPS truck…a delivery system that must be tackled and stopped.  

Scott left behind a close-knit family of 17, and we are all dedicated to creating a world where addiction can be successfully treated.


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Scott would love to see the army forming to make a difference in the lives of other families searching for a way out of the addiction spiral.